Biomorph EP

by DeathMomenT

Pineal Dub 06:17
Biomorph 03:05
DragonFlyz 04:41


Mindspring Music Presents: DeathMoment - Biomorph EP [MSM088]

Seek: What are you seeing? Morph from this biological form, and into the next, to taste the deep pulsing rhythm of creation. Pull forth, break through, and together we can begin "to be". Remember, each journey from seed to root, and then an outward rush, expanding upward as darkness crumbles aside. Grainy, course darkness. Push through, and away, until the surface is near - the darkness lightens and then gives way, suddenly, and you are light. From the Pineal center, digital memory morphs into biological form and a winged mythological beast is encapsulated in the Kaleidoscopic eyes of a simple six-armed-wonder, every time. Every time is now, and the call is answered.

DeathMomenT is forever a devoted student of experimental bass music and an explorer of multiple planes - simply sharing glitchy auditory snapshots of the journey, for record keeping, and entertainment. With desire to praise, and contribute to love, before we all dissolve back into infinity. Through the chaos of infinite possibilities, structure & form are recognizable by intelligence through love, and this is represented in music. In this rendering of reality, DeathMomenT studies the nature of creation and the possibilities of digital sound design. In an effort to more effectively harness the ability to bring love & light into this reality, and, meanwhile, shares the art that results from this process - allowing it to become an outlet of creative expression; in the hope that doing so will aide in the global tendency of individuals coming together, through harmony, to play along with the rhythm of love & creation.


released May 22, 2020

Artist: DeathMomenT
Title: Biomorph EP
Release Date: 05/22/2020
Label: Mindspring Music
Catalog #: MSM088
Genre: Psybass / Glitch Hop
Artwork: Matik Design
Mastering: Jesse Robbins
Release Biography: Jesse Robbins
Written & Produced: Jesse Robbins


all rights reserved



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