Refractions On The Lake

by Floating Machine

Momentum 06:24
Taboo 06:27


Mindspring Music Presents: Floating Machine - Refractions On The Lake [MSM036]

Far off in the distance, as the isolated traveler stared from a great mountain of towering pines, an influx of perplexing lights and rotating gears expressed an utter brilliance that would impress even the mightiest of deities. Spiraling in all directions, stretching towards the far ends of the infinite cosmos, the interesting sounds of this echoing world painted the mechanical realm with a profound wonder as it mystically hovered over a crystal blue lake. Reflecting against the calm and still water below, the ironesque kingdom of misty steam and lively steel caressed each other in inspiring harmony, collaborating to give birth to a fascinating, auditory orchestration. To the surprise of the newly arrived guest, the Refractions on the Lake were calm and inviting. The explorer took one last look at the strange woods they had emerged from, and they began their climb into the unknown spectrums of this Floating Machine.


released August 25, 2017

Artist: Floating Machine
Title: Refractions On The Lake
Release Date: 08/26/17
Label: Mindspring Music
Catalog #: MSM036
Genre: Psychill
Release Art: Peter Pagh
Mastering: Stephen Moon
Biography: Nick Sumbles
Piano by Carlos Gomes, Tracks 5 and 9

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