Terminal Viscosity

by Spiral Minded

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Anthony thumbnail
Anthony There is something so exquisitely psychedelic, uplifting and full sounding about this piece, with elements of humor and mystery. Technical masterpiece, with a side-order of melodies that resound in your head-space long after the album has stopped... if it stops. Favorite track: Nauticalamity.
Neon Jesus
Neon Jesus thumbnail
Neon Jesus Rare is the album that can both twist your mind in knots and still maintain an expert level of musicality, yet these guys manage to do it. The bendy bass lines, the trippy and yet melodic harmonies, the perfect samples (Nauticalamity is amazing), it's all here and it's all fresh and new. Highly recommended! Favorite track: C-Beams.
Canadaway 05:57
As Above... 02:16
...So Below 02:16
C-Beams 10:07


Mindspring Music Presents: Spiral Minded - Terminal Viscosity [MSM037]

The diverse and aesthetic roller coaster of Spiral Minded’s ‘Viscosity’ is a bubbly downtempo adventure mixed with vaporwave, psydub, and innovative glitch. Exploring various electronica genres, this instrumental congregation combines soothing synths with room-shaking bass to bring a dance-floor ready adventure to our ears. Similar to the works of Kaminanda and Birds of Paradise, the uplifting arpeggiations and gooey melodies of this hour-long auditory presentation will get you off your feet and send you into another realm. A rumbling array of colorful orchestrations and groovy soundworlds awaits discovery; all you have to do is press play.


released September 15, 2017

Artist: Spiral Minded
Title: Terminal Viscosity
Release Date: 09/15/17
Label: Mindspring Music
Catalog #: MSM037
Genre: Psychill
Release Art: Peter Pagh
Mastering: Stephen Moon
Biography: Nick Sumbles

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► Facebook: www.facebook.com/spiralminded/
► Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/spiral_minded


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