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WE ARE **NOT** SOLD OUT. Clothing & Accessories are sold through Spread Shirt. Please visit the link below to see all of the items we have!


UPDATE: We have a new product available, a production sample pack for creating Psydub/Gltich. As well as other Donwtempo Psy styles. Twin Shape, Taotempo, Alterra Project, and Spiral Minded have all worked to bring this to you. This is a massive 6GB library to kick start your journey into new sonic territory. Please, check out the pack here on Loopmasters:


Thank you for your support of the label and it's artists. By purchasing our music and merch, you are helping us to grow. Much love from the Mindspring Family.

Sold Out


Mindspring Music Dallas, Texas

Psychedelic & Ambient Music Label

From Dark and Progressive to Ambient and Glitch - we are into all things Psychedelic, focusing on the deeper and meditative styles.

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