Breaking The Cycle

by Klaada

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Psystainable thumbnail
Psystainable A spiritual journey deep and far. Favorite track: Ice.
mayadove thumbnail
mayadove Amazing album! Been listening on repeat ever since I heard it for the first time... It's hard to choose just one tune as I feel they each tell their own story. At the moment am in love with Shifting Stream of Emotions and realized it's 12:12 long ~ very powerful connection with what am going thru, even those numbers! Wickeeeed! ^^ <3 thumbnail Erev shel shoshanim Favorite track: Inner Peace.
Igor Quintero
Igor Quintero thumbnail
Igor Quintero Amazing quality downtempo that I haven't heard in a while.
Neon Jesus
Neon Jesus thumbnail
Neon Jesus This is truly an epic electronic work. There's so much depth and variety in every track, layers and shifts and a huge palette of sounds dancing a wondrous symphony. Infinite Sun gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it. Very good stuff! Favorite track: Infinite Sun.
yoann fifa
yoann fifa thumbnail
yoann fifa great masterpiece and brilliant album!
Ice 11:00
The Dream 08:05
Full Moon 07:19
Intention 02:09
Water 07:06
Inner Peace 09:55
Infinite Sun 10:42


Mindspring Music Presents: Klaada - Breaking The Cycle [MSM044]

“Breaking the Cycle” is a concept album which revolves about finding emotions in yourself that you never knew existed. It’s a deeply spiritual quest of finding and dissolving so many layers inside you, going ever deeper, to the essence of your being.

As emotional beings, we belong to never ending Cycles that determine the amplitude of the frequency we emit to the world around us and in us. This is a story about breaking the Cycle of frozen emotions, melting all the “Ice” that’s inside you, in an attempt to bring warmth and Infinite Sun in your being, to regenerate, to fill your heart with every colour you like. Relaxing and psychedelic, melodic and deep, ambient and experimental - this album takes you on a magical journey through the Shifting Stream of Emotions.


released January 12, 2018

Artist: Klaada
Title: Breaking The Cycle
Release Date: 01/12/2018
Label: Mindspring Music
Catalog #: MSM044
Genre: Psychill
Artwork: Sven Žinić & Branimir Boban
Mastering: Stephen Moon
Biography: Klaada

Vocals on track 01: Ivana Lazar
Hang drum on track 05: Ivan Judaš
Viola on track 07: Dora Šimunić
Guitar on track 08: Ivan Judaš
Vocals on track 09: Yupi, Niara Zula, Nora


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